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Welcome to
Soul Poetry

A Place to Connect and Grow Through Meditative Poetry

Poetry is a journey into the soul.  Here it is a way to connect more deeply with those things you are journeying through as you enter into the stillness of meditation and prayer.

"In the stillness lies,
Breath of Life calling your name,
Whispering come home."


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About Bonnie Boe

From an early age, Bonnie was drawn to theology and spirituality. After many years of study and service, she became a Commissioned Pastor at Moorpark Presbyterian Church.  Since then, she has traveled throughout Southern California and Arizona speaking and teaching at seminars, workshops, and retreats and is often sought after for preaching engagements.  Pastoral care is her gift and it has been her deepest desire since childhood to provide spiritual guidance and support for all who are in need.

Having experienced a number of traumas in her life, she began a journey to rely on God to guide her life and experiences.  From that, she began taking private spiritual retreats and learning to be still and listen.  It was on one such retreat that she felt drawn to begin writing scriptural poetry and then eventually poetry that would become her book "Soul Poetry: The Big Book of Small Haikus for Reflective Journaling."

For more information on this wonderful tool for every day meditation and journaling practice, go to

This website, and more specifically the Blog page, is for interacting more deeply with the poems in the book and one another in community.

I welcome you and hope you are blessed by these times here.

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