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Certainly Uncertain

I'm sure you have heard the expression the only thing certain is change. That is such a front and center thought in my mind these days. Everything seems to be uncertain and each time I am "certain," things change.

To not know if my treatments are working is unnerving to say the least. Anyone who has experienced any form of cancer and subsequent treatments knows this to be true. But there are so many other places in our lives where this is also true.

Covid-19 has given all of us a large serving of uncertainty. Whether that lies with our health, our family life, relationships or work and finances, there seems to be an extra helping of uncertainty piled on to us these days.

How do we deal with all of that uncertainty? For me personally, I, for one, cannot say I have even come close to mastering the amount of patience I need to wait for this round of treatments to be done, have a measurement scan and then still wait longer for the results and next steps. All that to say, it leaves me woefully uncertain.

But uncertainty lives in darkness. To combat the emotions that overtake us from any uncertainty, that darkness needs light to be shined into it, to illuminate what we need, and undoubtedly making clear the hope that lies before us,. It is through all our uncertainty that we need to hold on to our faith. Grab it tighter than we ever have before and open the door to let the rays of sunshine expose the darkness for what it is...a liar. Darkness leads us to believe there is a never-ending black hole of misery before us that is inescapable. It tricks us into believing there is no way out when the way out is to follow the light.

When you are in the throes of the unknown in your life and are facing challenges that seem daunting and overwhelming, the place to go is not to the darkness. The place to go is to the light! The ironic thing is that through life's myriad of uncertainties, we have the ability to exit the darkness, grow in our faith and become a beacon of light for others. The choice is always ours!

"Through uncertainties,

We can grasp tightly to faith,

Light begins to shine,"

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