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Different Beauty

I learned very quickly with my first treatment and isolation that you can only sleep so much, watch so many movies and read so many books before you become bored to tears. So, this being the time leading into Christmas and inspired by a magazine cover, I decided to craft my way through isolation days, well, at least when I wasn't sleeping!

Now anyone who knows me well, knows I love to decorate for Christmas. I love having themes, something my mother passed on to me from the time I was a very little girl. But I have always hated ornament balls. I couldn't begin to tell you why. All I know is for as long as I can remember, I wouldn't put one on any Christmas tree I owned (it's okay, you can laugh!).

The picture that inspired me to craft was of an ornament ball tree and for some reason, perhaps to provide me with more insight, it struck me as particularly beautiful. A different kind of beauty. So, I studied my new creations and I believe it is this....what I see is all of us. I see what I believe we all have to see in one another.

Different beauty.

We are all different shapes and sizes and colors. Some of us have rough edges. Some as smooth as glass. Some of us shine as bright as the morning sun. Some of us sparkle. Some are dimpled and some aged and fading. Some of us have deep lines, and some ridges exposing the depth of our inner self. Separately, we don't see much in our ornament ball selves.

Put us together and we become a beautiful, connected masterpiece. We shine much brighter in the wholeness that is created by being bound to one another. The different beauty each one of us carries serves to reveal how, when united, we can all shine the light of love to everyone, building each one up.

Look for the beauty in the differences in one another today and build a connectedness that radiates for all to see! Read, reflect and journal about how this relates to you and those around you.

"Created distinct,

See the wholeness found in our,

Different beauty."

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Sylvia Laabs
Sylvia Laabs
Dec 14, 2021

What a beautiful, thoughtful way to view the people around us.

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