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From Fear to Answered Prayers

There's been a lot weighing on my mind and on the mind of many I know. From elderly parents dealing with life-threatening issues, unexpected sudden illnesses or simply with general health issues, the people in my life that I love and cherish as friends and who have become family are struggling and suffering the challenges of life in this day and age. Fear abounds in many today.

For me personally, I have realized in the last couple of days that I, too, have allowed fear to creep into my being and overshadow the faith I have come to have in all things. I will be starting chemotherapy the first week of February and I have never felt my mortality more than at this moment in time. Fear.

This morning I was listening to a playlist I have, and a song by Francesca Battistelli called "The Breakup Song," and it reminded me of who I am and the scripture that by far has been my favorite, not just throughout these last two, tough years, but for as long as I can remember. It is, "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

In her song, Francesca sings these words, and I hope they will sink into your souls and resonate with you as well in all of the battles you, too, are facing:

"Sick and tired of being sick and tired Had as much of you as I can take I'm so done, so over being afraid

I've gone through the motions I've been back and forth I know that you're thinking you've heard this before I don't know how to say it So I'm just gonna say it, yeah

Fear, you don't own me There ain't no room in this story And I ain't got time for you Telling me what I'm not Like you know me well guess what? I know who I am I know I'm strong And I am free Got my own identity So fear, you will never be welcome here"

Amen and thank you, Francesa! When we sing these lyrics, and shout them through the rooftops, we acknowledge that the implausible and the improbable are the real truths that lie before us. We declare that our prayers have already been answered whether they are seen or unseen. We take a step, a leap even, forward in our faith declaring that fear has no place in our lives. We come to the realization that fear is a tool, and a very powerful one at that, of The Enemy, who delights in watching us struggle and squirm through our trials and tribulations.

The One who tells not to be afraid for He is with us is declaring His intent to walk alongside us through the dark and difficult times and to uphold us in His right hand. If we can hold on to these truths, we can live in a state of hope and persevere through the thick and thin of life.

Keep today's meditative prayer poem close to you and push out the fear that wants to dwell inside:

"Live today as if,

Prayers are already answered,

Even if not seen."

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