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Give Me an “F”

....Finding faith Through Failures

This morning I woke up to learn my 2nd book published and is available on Amazon. So simply today, I offer to you this tool for exploring those things in your life that tend to affect us, or others, negatively.

We all have or will experience failures in our lifetime. It's not that we fail, it's how we handle those moments in our lives and learn from them.

Give Me An "F" is comprised of ten (10) short devotionals, space for journaling, poetry, Scriptures, and discussion questions to tie it all together. This book is perfect for small groups, Bible study, Life groups, individuals and Sunday school classes alike.

Learning to have faith, despite our shortcomings, takes a willingness to see that we are more than our failures, We are journeying on a road of discovery and faith can be found even in all situations. God never wastes a moment of our lives and neither should we!

Blessings to you as you navigate all the paths on your journey!


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