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Happiness Starts Here!

They sang the familiar line "if you're happy and you know it clap your hands," when the little 5 year-old boy suddenly turned and asked, "how do you know if you are happy?" Well, his mom told him, you're happy when you feel loved inside and out. And our love for you started the day you were first a twinkle in our eyes. So you see, you can always be happy.

The boy looked at his mother pensively then went over to his friend, Tommy, and gave him a big hug and told him he loved him.

Puzzled, his mom asked him why he did that. Alexander said, "Tommy doesn't have a mommy and daddy so he needed to know he is loved so he can be happy, too!"

With tears in her eyes, Alexander's mom said, "yes, honey, Tommy is loved, even though he doesn't have a mommy and daddy. We all are. You see, God loved us before we could even love anyone. And now we have a gift of being able to pass that love along to everyone we see."

"Where does it begin?

Happiness is not fleeting,

When we love like Him."

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