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Hey Batter, Batter - Swing!

Each day presents us with new tasks, new life, new challenges. Despite all we are doing to have absolute control of our lives, well, it keeps throwing us curveballs, doesn't it? And here's the thing, we are all learning how to bat with our blindfolds on!

It's a lesson we each have to learn. Reading the pitcher's stance and concentrating on how we are going to respond to each pitch can in and of itself throw us off balance. How do we determine how we are going to navigate getting from one base to another? Which coach do we look to for guidance of when to run and when to hold steady where we are at?

At this point we are swinging wildly and unable to control even the simplest of movement in our lives.

If you ever watch and observe the batter as he stands on the plate, waiting for the pitch to be released, he looks like he is in a most uncomfortable place yet despite or in spite of this, he continues to hold his ground. For the most part he is still and mindful of all that is going on around him without losing focus on what lies ahead of him and what he needs to do next.. He doesn't let cries of 'hey batter, batter, swing" deter him. He practices stillness.

We too can practice stillness in our lives. Better yet, we can also practice it while we extend grace and mercy to others as well. If we recognize that others may also be wildly swinging at life, we are then able to see things in a different light. We would like, in our own arrogance, to think we know what other people are thinking and what is going on in their lives. But if we are honest, we really have no clue. They are on that plate trying to determine if they can get to the next base just the same as we are. And more honesty, we are usually reacting to their stuff from the experiences of our own stuff.

Here's how we hit a home run with others. Be the olive branch. Don't assume or presume to know what is going on with someone. Find out. Extend mercy and grace and forgiveness where needed. Be a constant presence to help them steady their shaking bats. Help them focus on what is next by guiding them to sit quietly in the uncomfortable space they are currently in. Finally, extend unconditional love, uplifting and upholding them in their times of need as you would want to be uplifted in yours. This is one of life's greatest lessons for each of us!

Having experienced being on both ends of the bat, I can guarantee that if you concentrate on the end game of establishing loving, healthy relationships, your own personal batting average will greatly increase!

Here's today's poem for reflection:

"Sit comfortably,

In uncomfortable space,

Stillness brings you strength."

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