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It's All About the Journey

After a week of one Murphy's Law hardship after another, I have come to the conclusion life is hard. Ok, truthfully, I definitely already knew that. I have had my fair share of hardships and then some. This season is now full of many trials and tribulations hitting all at that same time.

Last week started out with the attempted break in and vandalism of my car, received the call from my youngest that the school stopped his meal plan and we needed to take out another loan for his school, moved to an electrical problem where we found the house could have burned down had we not coincidentally discovered it, and on to a hard treatment and then some!

All this to say, it was a time for me to reflect on our journeys. Because in truth, it is all about the journey. It is about how we live each and every day on our own personal journey. It is about how we interact with others on our journey. It is where the "rubber meets the road," as my grandmother loved to say.

How we walk our journey depends on us. It starts in our hearts. It is reliant upon our own personal outlook for each day as it dawns for us. It requires an opening of our hearts to all that life has to offer, good and bad, and experiencing joy throughout despite all that can be thrown at us.

With an open heart, however, you discover the blessing in everything. In my personal case, the car was able to be fixed, I have installed security system at the house, I was able to get another parent loan to carry my son through the remainder of the school year, after 3 days of searching, the electrician found and fixed all of the hazardous issues, and some of my wonderful friends have come together to bring meals and offer help during my medical challenges. Most of these things, yes, will or have cost money but faith tells me God will make a path to provide. The journey has led me to people, people who have hearts full of so much love that they not only journey with me, they help carry me through this season of my journey. Their open hearts keep my heart open and help bring healing to my soul

It's all about the journey. How do you journey?

For today's meditation, reflection and journaling:

"Journey to healing,

Begins deep within the soul,

When the heart opens."

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