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Live Into Hope

Over the last 9 months, I have often been told I am brave and have such courage to endure all that is going on in my personal life. It definitely has been one constant challenge after another and one hurtful moment after another.

I don't want to discount how others have been inspired by my words and poems but at the same time, this courage you see in me is only possible because of the hope I experience every day as I push through these challenges.

Understanding that my life, and all of yours, has purpose allows me to live into that hope despite the things that continue to pop up and make me feel as if I can't be brave or handle another thing in my life.

Since my last posting, both of my boys who are still living at home, have been in urgent care and my momma's heart had to press through those trying moments. That time of unknowing and human worry required me to place my trust and hope in the God who is greater and has a purpose, perhaps unknown to me at the moment, that is more than I could possibly imagine.

I was recently told that "I was no longer an option," by someone I loved and that another option was chosen. While the cruelty of those words cut deeply into my heart and soul, I knew I could choose courage to pull me through this time of retrospection of what I did to deserve such words and to believe in the hope I have in following the path I am currently on while embracing a posture of forgiveness instead of hate or revenge. It reminded me of Joseph who after being sold as a slave by his brothers and enduring years of horrific treatment, and when finally rising out of those circumstances to become the second in command to the Pharaoh of Egypt, had a choice to remain hopeful that God's purpose had been accomplished and said to his brothers, who completely expected a revenge scenario, "Even though you intended to do me harm, God intended it for good."

It takes courage oftentimes in our lives to see that even when we experience fears that move us because of things that happen which are out of our control or we are subjected to the cruelty of others through their actions that we are called to live in the hope that God's purpose for us is bigger than any circumstance we are currently experiencing.

In life, it is not always all good. It is, as a matter of fact, often difficult and trying. We live into hope through courage that each of us has, perhaps buried so deep we don't know how to pull it up when needed. But the knowledge that it is there and available to us at any time, in and of itself, brings us to a place of living into the hope we have every single day.

Life is often a one day at a time scenario, but never forget where there is courage and bravery, there is also the call to live into hope!

For your reflective journaling on this beautiful Monday morning"

"Living into hope,

Walking the path we are led,

Brings us full circle."

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Theo Guy
Theo Guy
07 juin 2022

Your words convey power.

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