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Nature's Greatest Miracle

With all that has been going on in the world and my life, I ponder often why I am not a depressed wreck. When the onslaught of challenges just keep coming and seem relentless in their efforts to take me down, why don't I succumb to it?

Make no mistake, these last nine months have been a dark night of the soul time in my life. Yet, through the darkness light continues to break through and offer the promise of hope for tomorrows.

I could take the path that leads to destruction or I can take the path that leads to life. And despite it all, despite the constant barrage of one thing after another, I choose life. I choose a heart full of love and gratitude for everything I am enduring, the good, the bad and the ugly.

I think where I am headed with this is that my saving grace, besides God, is that I am focused on heart-centered love. Focused on giving myself to others to share that life is full of uncertainties and irregularities but that there is a light that shines through all darkness when we share our hope through a heart filled with love. If I can find love in the bad and the ugly then I am one step closer to truly embracing and fulfilling the command to love one another. And in case you're wondering, there was no "if" clause to loving one another.

Love needs to be shared both physically and emotionally. Love needs to fill our spirit and flow unconditionally to others. Love needs to reside right in the center of your heart. When these things are in place, the dark shadows that surround you are no match for the light that punches through the darkness.

We can experience nature's greatest miracle, heart-centered love, which is a life of reciprocal love where the light shines bright and hope reigns. The choice is ours to make.

Here are two opposing poems today for journal reflecting dealing with our shadows and our heart.

"Dark shadows surround,

Blackness settles, overwhelms,

The light reaches through."

"With heart-centered love,

Nature's greatest miracle,

Focus on sharing."

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