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Story Waiting to be Written

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

As I ended 2021, I talked about this new year all of us learning to thrive and not just survive. I had written a lot about hope in the last few weeks of the year. And all of that made me think of what that possibly means for 2022.

In truth, with my next round of treatments facing me this week, I had to really sit with this for a while. If I look only at my circumstances, I see uncertainty and that tends to push me into fear. But, if I look at this with an entirely different view, I get this:

Think of 2022 as a book. Your book. You have 365 blank pages just waiting to be written. You will author this book each and every day of the upcoming year. It is your opportunity to look at yesterday and continue writing that forward today, or to pen a different story on the page of today. It gives us the opportunity to dream about what we will write in our books tomorrow and work toward filling our 365 days with love and beauty, with joy and laughter, and with memories that are fashioned by our faith in the hope we have been given by The Light of the World.

Today's devotion is short but packed with a lot for you to think about...and of course, the poem is all about how you will write your life every day this year! Happy New Year my friends!

"Beautiful story,

Three hundred plus blank pages,

Waits to be written."

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