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The Light of Love

When we have love in our lives, we radiate a light that shines bright enough that others can see and feel the pulse of its beat. The Light of the World has given us the ability to shine his light through our acts of love and kindness to others. During this time of the year, more so than most others, people everywhere experience a deep darkness in their souls. So many are the reasons that it produces a long list of grief, sadness and sorrows. Where do you stand in this time of darkness? Are you a light that shines love into the lives of others? If not, do you need the light of love shone into your life right now? Meditate on these questions, reflect and journal. You can chat with me if you'd like to talk about what you are feeling at this time.

"Rays shine down on me,

It radiates and pulses,

Safe in Light of love."

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