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The Olive Branch

Yesterday, I think it was, I wrote about being the olive branch to others. And, of course, as God would have it, I was able to put that into effect when I was standing in line behind someone at a store.

Emily P. Freeman said, "May we be sensitive to the way our words land in the hearts of others." Truer words were never spoken, especially as I witnessed this reprehensible scene.

There was one man standing between me and the elderly man at the register trying to check out. I didn't know at first what was happening but it was clear he was struggling in some way with his items.

And clear confession here, I was tired, I had worked for 8 hours and had another appointment after that and I just wanted to go home and call it a day. My first instinct would normally have been to be irritated and annoyed of the hold up of the line when I was so over this day.

But then I tuned into what the man was saying to the cashier. He apparently had been totaling his items up as he had shopped because he was on a limited income and only had so much cash with him. My heart ached as I knew he would have to put something back if he couldn't find enough money in his pockets, which he was pulling out and searching at that moment.

Suddenly the man in front of me shouts out, "Come on you moron! Get out of the "expletive" line if you don't have enough "expletive" money. No one wants to wait until tomorrow for you to look in every "expletive" pocket for your loose change."

I was appalled and angry at those words and that attitude. Where is the grace we are suppose to show others in times like these? I said excuse me to the man in front of me and stepped up to the elderly man and said to him not to worry because I would take care of any difference and proceeded to hand the cahier my credit card.

The angry man, hmphed and said, "Thank God for small favors." I, again honestly, thought of reacting to his words with equally mean-spirited words, but know that wasn't how I am called to treat others, I simply asked him to please step back and give the man some space to finish his transaction.

I stepped back into my place in line and the woman behind me gently patted me on the shoulder without saying a word. The elderly man turned with a tear rolling down his cheek and thanked me.

So today, I revisit my thought of the other day...Be the Olive Branch. I hope today's journaling reflection touches your hearts as my experience yesterday filled mine. Be Blessed!

"Inspired by grace,

Sensitive to others hearts,

Be the olive branch."

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Tom Cochrun
Tom Cochrun
May 11, 2022

Beautiful story of a beautiful act. I'm like the struggling man now with tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

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