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Thief Comes in the Night

Many of you already know that my car was vandalized the other evening. Upon further inspection, so was my side gate. I was home alone and had no clue. it could have easily been a break-in and robbery. I am so very thankful it was not. As I sat and wondered what stopped the thief, I realized it most likely was one of my huskies. Friendly but not if you don't know that them jumping on you is excitement and not attacking. The only material thing stolen were my hubcaps and then they slashed my tire. But what was stolen, temporarily, was my peace of mind. It sent a wave of panic through my soul that took some deliberate reassurances to quell. This is just a small example of something in our lives that can come and steal the peace that passes all understanding that we are guaranteed when we let God have control over our lives. I have lots of big things that could be stealing my peace and you may as well. When we trust that God will work through these large and small problems and situations, we gain the ability to recapture the peace we may have lost. Todays devotion challenges us to allow the Bringer of Peace to work in us.

"Thief comes in the night,

Stealing what is most precious,

Restore our soul's peace."

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