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Trapped by Fear

Fear is a liar. It convinces us that we have no choice in the matter...whatever the matter of the moment may be. It robs us of the life we are meant to live. It drives us to hide in a self-imposed prison too scared to look past the debilitating cause of our fears. It traps us in a downward spiral. We need to make the choice to show up each and every day and place one foot in front of the other and step out of the prison gate and into the light. It takes takes takes us allowing God to walk alongside us and hold our takes us letting Him walk behind us and hold us up when our fears threaten to overtake our souls and stop us from escaping the prison walls. Trust that you are being held in all that you do and that FEAR IS A LIAR! You do not need to be trapped by your fears. Step out into the light today!

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