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It's been almost 3 weeks since my last post. I must admit that I had been experiencing such mild side effects to the radiation that I was totally taken off guard when stronger ones began to set in. I found myself going from a state of being in a "funk," as I previously wrote, to feeling broken. Broken in the sense that the circumstances of my life at the present moment felt as though they were impossible to overcome, both physical or emotional. I found myself wondering, what exactly is it that God wants from me at this moment in my life. And the answer is He wants me to be unshakable.

I had to reframe my thoughts to ensure that my self-imposed brokenness will not shake me. I had to remember these words from the prophet Isaiah, "For the mountains may move and the hills disappear, but even then my faithful love for you will remain. My covenant of blessing will never be broken, says the Lord who has mercy on you."

God has always promised to be with us. He has never broken that covenant with me. His covenant with us is unshakable and so our faith in Him needs to be unshakable as well. No matter how many things this life here on earth continues to throw my way, I can always feel His presence. I always know I can cry out in my despair and He is faithful to not just hear my cry but work His will and purpose through His answer to my prayers.

Being human, especially in these troubled times, is not easy. We were never given a playbook of answers guaranteed to lead us to victory all the time. The playbook we were given, God's Word, does lead us down a path that includes trials and tribulations but it is a path that also leads us to ultimate victory. Victory over the things of this world that would squash us down and rob us of the joy that we are meant to experience each day. It gives us victory through the faith we keep growing in the God who promises to never leave us broken; who promises to bring us to wholeness; and, who promises to lead us to a maturing faith that is unshakable in all circumstances.

Out of the depths of my feelings of brokenness and my confidence in God's promises, I offer you today's poem for reflection, meditation, prayer and journaling:

"Broken no longer,

He leads you on a new path,

Bringing you wholeness."

Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday!

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Theo Guy
Theo Guy
Jan 31, 2022

Thank you for the affirmation of victorious faith. Here's a prayer that we all trust God.

Love and Peace


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