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Wardrobe of Your Thoughts

I heard this expression, wardrobe of your thoughts, just recently and thought it is a good analogy of what goes on inside our minds. If you think of all of the things that we hold on to each and every day and all the things we are not willing to let go of, it certainly mirrors our old and outdated wardrobes full of things that do not fit us anymore.

I was amazed as I thought of how much clutter we can gather and store and hold on to year after year. We squeeze so much into our heads that our packed wardrobes are then useless as we fail to see those things that are truly important and everything becomes one big blur.

I just recently experienced a process that called for us to let go of what has happened in the past and to move forward with what God wants to do in the future. Some could not release those torn and tattered parts of their wardrobe to embrace the new things that can be done. Their wardrobe was so packed that a way forward could not be seen through the clutter of what had been stored there for perhaps years. Stress, anxiety, resentment and entitlement was what lived in that closet.

We are called to clean out the closet of our minds and freshen our wardrobe with a new or renewed sense of love and caring for one another. Those old, stagnant things that keep us bound to stay trapped in the darkness of a closed-minded closet serve no one and only cause dissention and unrest when love and light are what is needed to live. fully.

Why do we do this? Most likely the answer lies in our own pain that we hold on to and allow to fester inside us. As this festering grows, we become unable to differentiate those things that will bless others from those things which simply serve ourselves. Our over-packed wardrobe then crowds out the things that we truly need and are truly important.

We need to take some time and examine our wardrobe and remove those things that are not serving others in a manner that honors and loves them fully and unconditionally. We need to open the window and allow fresh air to permeate those things in our wardrobe which need the most care and reconciliation. We need to know that an outdated wardrobe doesn't serve anyone and only hurts us and those around us. Its time for some spring cleaning!

Sit on this journaling prompt for a bit and really examine your own wardrobe!

"Wardrobe of your thoughts,

Inspired or borne from pain?

Clear to serve others.."

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