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Where do you look?

I carry my poetry journal with me because I am often inspired by things I see and hear throughout the day. The other day while I was waiting at the dealer for news on my car, I got into a conversation with a woman who was there with her own difficulties. She asked about my writing and I explained what it was. I told her though it hadn't started out during this period of dealing with cancer, it has been particularly helpful to me in the last two months.

She asked if she could see some of the poems. "These seem to be very negative," she said. That took me aback for a moment and then I said to her, "not negative, they are my soul crying out to God with those things that are on my heart. My perspective is to give it all up to God and let Him carry me. God is not afraid of our questions, our anger or any other emotion we experience. In fact, it is often the only time He has conversation with us. My question to you would be, where do you look when you are going through hardships in your life?"

Where do you look? It is an important question for all of us. For me right now cancer sucks. Difficulties with the college my son is attending sucks. Feeling tired all the time and having no energy sucks.. But so do so many other things in our life. We can become so easily overwhelmed by the things that happen to us and our loved ones on a daily basis that we don't know where to turn. So, where do we go when life seems to knock us off our feet and challenges us to continue on despite our circumstances?

This is my answer (and today's devotion for reflection):

"Feeling overwhelmed, I'm derailed and defeated, Then I look to You."

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