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Who Am I?

#WhoAmI? is a question we all ask ourselves at various times in our life. What defines who we are? How do we know who we are? Are we who other people visually see us as or are we who we visually see ourselves as?

Are any of the above true? We, unfortunately, let others define who we are based on their own perceptions. Most often those perceptions are based on what they other words, what they see on the OUTSIDE...not who you are on the inside.

It is important for our mental, spiritual and physical health that we don't let others define who we are. When we let that happen, we most often then look in the mirror and see who we are told we are rather than who we truly are. We were all made in God's image. That means we are far more than what people see on the outside. It means that our beauty lies within our heart and soul.

Think today of your views of yourself. Look deep inside yourself. What do you see? Do you see a beautiful child of God that is loved beyond all else?

That is who you are!! Reflect and work through the feelings all of these questions invoke, and write your responses in your journals. Then further reflect how you can change any negative views you have of yourself.

If you'd like to talk through these feelings, click on the Let's Chat button!

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