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World Poetry Day

In honor of World Poetry Day, of course I have to share a poem I wrote....

Your Call

In the womb I was formed, and You called. At birth as I breathed, You called. Your grace is my gift, and You call. You've courted and wooed me, yet I stumble and fall, still into relationship, You call. As the darkness surrounded, You called me to Your embrace, walked with me in my pain. I said, 'yes, but just wait,' and with patience, You called. Through reflection I now saw, it was You always there. In pain and sorrow, joy and triumph, I felt You call. You have made the way, You have opened the doors, You invite me to experience, Your love and Your call. No longer is there aching, No longer is there waiting, Now Your grace and love abiding, I rejoice and celebrate, Since I answered Your call.

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