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You Matter

As we near the celebration of Christmas in a few days, I am looking to how our actions affect others. Specifically as we rush through our hurried and harried lives at a whirlwind pace trying to achieve all that we need to in order to tick off everything on our lists.

I know, as I've shared with you all my cancer diagnosis and treatment effects, that we always pay attention to those we know and see, BUT, do we pay attention to those we don't know and therefore who often remain silent and unseen.

There is so much sadness, sorrow, grief and tragedy in our world these days. So many lives lost, physically, and still even more lost emotionally and spiritually.

Yesterday, I was feeling well enough, okay, truthfully, I knew I needed to be one of the hustlers and bustlers and get my Christmas done before I dropped, but well enough to get out and do some shopping. I was at a small store and standing in the checkout line when I noticed the almost mournful look of the checkout employee.

When it was my turn, she barely could say hello. I greeted her with a smile and initiated some small conversation. Prodding her to talk a little more while she rang up my items, I asked her how her day was going. She replied, "You're not only the first person to ask me this today (it was 2 p.m.), but you're the first person that's even been nice to me."

It absolutely broke my heart. The look on her face and her demeanor now made perfect sense. Then she said something that almost made me cry. She said, "it's as if I am not a human being like they are and I don't deserve to be treated with kindness."

I kept the conversation going and did the pastor thing, of course, assuring her of her worthiness of kindness and respect and compassion. When she had finished ringing me up and I had paid, her face was brightened and she simply smiled and said, "thank you."

So as you head into this busiest of weeks preparing your hearts and homes for family and friends, I say don't forget the people who are serving you every day in some capacity and spread kindness to them as you go about your day, blessing them in a way you may never even know!

"Do unto others, Your silent love speaks volumes, Kindness always pays."

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